Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Where to Begin...

I really hate being gone from this thing for such a long period of time. There are just too many things that went on while I was gone to cover them all in one post. And let's be honest with ourselves, I'm usually too lazy to even post ONCE, it's even worse to post multiples! haha. I am officially home though, which is good. We had a fabulous 2 weeks away. I shall start with 'cleaning cabins'.

We had hoped that everyone else's cabin was going to be just like ours. Even though it's two story, it's mostly just dusting, sweeping, mopping (the concrete), & cleaning the toilets & sinks that is necessary. Ya know, the easy & quick stuff. But, no. That would have been wayyyy too simple. Instead, we had a cabin that had mud washing in during the rains (for the past year) and it took us 4 hours just to clean that one room. Grrr. Not to mention, we still had 5 other rooms to do in that one cabin. We set bug bombs off in each room because it was necessary and just to make sure we didn't get bit by any black widows or anything crazy like that. Yuck!

We moved on to another one story that must have had a mouse present somewhere. It sure did leave its remnants behind pretty good! Gross! Again, full of dust & I clotheslined myself on a tin window which knocked the air out of my pipes and left me with a red scratch on my neck. I walked straight into it. For some reason, I had no idea it was there. haha. Leave it to me!

Then, we had to hit up another two-story cabin which made for a fascinating 8 hours of work, again. We started on the upstairs which was surprisingly cob-web & bug free. Again, lots of dust, but pleasant none the less. It was the rearranging & unwrapping of all of their furniture that took so long. I swear these people were OCD about covering all of there belongings with plastic. I've never seen so much plastic in one place. Seriously, it was ridiculous. Nicole & I didn't really have anywhere to put it all, so we ended up stuffing it as tightly as we could down underneath all of the beds. Good luck to them for getting all of that out of there! :) We then moved onto the downstairs which had a leak in the bathroom faucet and bugs in each room. Safe to say the bottom floors of these cabins are the ones that get the worst creepy-crawlers. We came away without any bites, just a few girly screams, and money for our work, so all in all, it wasn't so bad. We are just both very glad it is over! :)

On Friday night, Nicole & I drove to Marfa to visit our friends Emily & Derek. We ate dinner at a Mexican Food restaurant called Mando's and it was fabulous. MMM MM to beef fajitas! They were sweet enough to cover the bill for us, THANKS AGAIN! :) And then we headed over to Dairy Queen for some Treats & Eats! haha. Blizzards of course! It was super-duper! We hung out at their house until Chad called & it started getting pretty late. So, we headed back to the campgrounds with full bellies & happy hearts for having gotten to spend some good, quality time with great people! I'll move onto our other events in the next posts. Stay tuned...

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Emily said...

We are SO glad yall came to Marfa! Can't wait to do it next year... right?? ;-)