Monday, July 28, 2008

Miss Me, Miss Me...

Well, even though I haven't been very good at posting regularly these past couple weeks, it's only going to get worse. Nicole & I have spent all day today packing our lives away for our 2 week excursion that begins tomorrow. We leave to go to a beautiful place in west Texas known as Ft. Davis. Right outside of town is a century-old campground site made to host an annual rancher's Campmeeting (gathering of people to worship God & fellowship together). I've been going since I was 5 years old and have only missed twice in the last 18 years. It's always been one of my favorite places to go. It's like life is completely different when you're out there. The air is clean, you get up early, have 3 meals a day with family, go to church services a couple times a day, stay in tin cabins, and just enjoy life. No computers, tv's, video games, or even much phone service. A great break from the craziness of real life, I guess you would say.

I obviously missed last year's campmeeting because of our wedding and honeymoon conflict. So, it will be the first time I've seen most of these people in 2 years. I'm very excited. Here is our schedule for the next couple weeks:

Tuesday-Friday--> We are cleaning the cabins for other people so they don't have to when they arrive in a week. The cabins sit vacant for the whole year so there's plenty of dust, dirt, sometimes mouse droppings, and musty-ness to go around. We would probably do it for fun, but we're actually getting paid to do it, so that's even better! :)

Saturday-->We drive from Ft. Davis to Abilene to be hostesses for Elya's lingerie shower. It's going to be a lot of fun. We're working on coming up with some fun and potentially scandalous games for us to play and to cause a couple blushes from the bride-to-be. Good stuff! We will spend the night there before heading back to Ft. Davis on Sunday.

Sunday-Sunday--> Hang out at the campgrounds until everyone else arrives and the camp starts on Tuesday. Lots of food, family, mountain climbing, hanging out, fellowship, and church fun to be had. We always hate for it to come to an end & having to say our goodbyes on Sunday. We'll just have to fill up our days with fun things to do & make it last as long as possible.

Monday-Wednesday--> I'll be home to regroup and recover from campmeeting. No working for me, just some laundry, organization, & bachelorette party planning.

Thursday--> Go to Abilene for Elya' s bachelorette party and great times with the girls.

Friday--> Wedding Rehearsal dinner & wedding prep.

Saturday--> Bridal Brunch & the Whitten WEDDING! I'm so excited for them!

Sunday--> Come home to life like it usually is. (Breathe in, breathe out...)

There you have it. My busy schedule for the next two or three weeks that I am very excited about. I'm very blessed to have so much to do while Chad is away. Although, I would LOVE for him to be present and with me everywhere I'm going & with everything I'm doing, being busy sure helps the time go by. It also works as a fabulous distraction from what's really going on in life. I will post as soon as I get back and have a little time to breathe. I look forward to catching up on all of your writings when I return too! :) Please pray for our safe travel & for lives to be changed by Campmeeting this year! Thanks! :)

(See post below if you haven't's new too!) :)


cassandra sagan webb said...

Campmeeting, huh? That's so Pentecostal of you. Lol. I didn't know anyone (other than my relatives in Benton) who used that term! ;)

Have fun!

Nicole Renee said...

haha! SO FAR from pentecostal!