Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We then woke up early Saturday morning to begin our trek to Abilene for Elya's lingerie shower. We were awake to see the beautiful sunrise over the Davis Mountains. It is so peaceful & pretty out there. Here is a pic of it from the road.

We arrived into Abilene and got together with the other hostesses to get decorations & plans all in line. It turned out super-cute using lime green, pink, & brown. We had a blast & sweated our little tooshies off, but it was definitely a hit! The centerpieces were probably my favorite part because they were so creative, thanks to Maggie. White Spider Mums were in vases inside of little Victoria's Secret bags. Cute, huh?!
We had 12 girlies show up, so it was the perfect size. She got all kinds of goodies and was awesome & fun enough to try it all on for us! That's where the 'Oooohhh-la-la' comes into play! :) We decorated granny panties for her and made her guess who did each one. Some were dirty and some were playful. Either way, they were definitely creative! She put them all on for us too, over her dress, haha. It was a great time & man is she going to be sexy on her special night! :)
We then got to go swimming at a friend's house and had a little slumber party. Just me, Nicole, & Elya. It was a lot of fun. The BIG day is approaching quickly...this Saturday! Woo-hoo! :)
By the way, I bought my first girdle today. It's depressing, I know. I just know that no one wants to see my extreme love handles coming out to play while I'm in my bridesmaid dress this weekend, so I'm hoping they will at least remain somewhat tame. The dress is black & really cute, it just hits me in my worst spot. Right at the love handle. Grrrr! At least I know I'm not alone though. Nicole bought one too, haha. Maybe we can make it work & be pretty anyways!

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Couldn't just leave it at you buying the girdle, huh? just HAD to bring me into it! haha jk