Friday, August 29, 2008


I'm going to eat at Ichiban (the best Japanese steakhouse around) for lunch with Nicole & my sister today. I'm very excited. It's been like 8 months since I've been there. Too long in other words!

Tonight, Elya & John are coming in town from Abilene & we are all going to watch her little brother play football at Central, my alma mater. It should be fun. Maybe they've gotten better & actually won a few games since then? We'll see.

This weekend, I am going with Nicole to her dad's lakehouse in Kingsland again for a Labor Day celebration. I'm excited, although I won't be able to do any water sports like usual because of my back, but riding in the pontoon boat will just have to suffice! Better than sitting at home, where I've been hibernating all week. It's time to GET OUT! haha. Oh yeah, and he has a hot tub which will be good for me to soak my little bo-honkus in, so that will be fun.

Back update- still a little bit tight, but the drugs are doing their job and I have definitely noticed a vast improvement just in the past two days. It may just need a bit more TLC. Adios for now, I have to go shower! :)

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Emily said...

I am SO jealous that you got to go to Ichiban! I hope you ate enough for me. I'd give anything for just a bite! I hope your back feels better SOON!