Friday, August 29, 2008

Progress at Least...

Well, I'm not completely healed & upright just yet, but I went to the doctor yesterday and she prescribed me some muscle relaxers & basic back-care rules to follow & there is a definite improvement so far. I'm am SOOO ready to be over this & worry free about my back. It's been stuck this way since Sunday...I mean, seriously. We're pushing Friday & I have barely progressed from looking like an 80-year-old woman to a 60 year-old-woman. It's progress none the less though, so I'll take it!

The nurse that was writing down my symptoms giggled at me because I told her that I noticed something funny about myself right before I got into a hot bath. I told her I looked in the mirror & noticed that my belly button wasn't in line with my cleavage like it's supposed to be. No joke. My muscles in my back were so tight on the right side that it was forcing my left upper back to the left & the bottom right back to the right. I look zig-zagged. Kinda scary, no? Anyways, it was funny for a second. As of today, I would consider myself a lower case 's' when yesterday I was a capital 'Z'. So, like I said, at least we have made some progress.

Two Aleve twice a day, muscle relaxers (that put me to sleep) three times a day, back stretches, hot baths, & ice packs is what my whole week has been full of. Maybe one day I'll get to go out of the house again, haha. Lord, please heal me! :)

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