Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back at the Point...

Shipping Point that is. I worked for a couple of hours there yesterday and I'm about to be on my way to do so again this afternoon. It wasn't bad at all. But after all, it was only 4 hours of working. haha. I'm 'filling in' for Krystal while she is showing her yankee in-laws around San Antonio. Anyways, I just thought I'd tell everyone why I've sucked at posting lately.

Nicole & I have worked out every day this week, so far. Two days of hard-core full body workouts with running, weight training, and resistance bands, and two days of playful tennis. It's been pretty fun and I'm really proud of us for sticking to it. We just need to make sure to keep it going! I still have about 15 to lose. GRRRR. haha.

My aunt Becky from Alaska is flying into San Angelo tomorrow morning around 8:30. She is awesome and I'm very glad I'm here to get to see her during her 2 week visit. So far, I don't really have any weekend plans, except a grill-out tomorrow night for my sister's birthday party/welcome extravaganza for Becky. It should be a lot of fun. I'm going to attempt making my first batch of Teriyaki burgers ever. They should be good. If you know of any more fun and tasty burger ideas, hook me up before tomorrow please! :)

Well, off to work I go, again. Wish me luck.

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