Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shocked & Perturbed...

My husband and I just had TWO fabulous 15 minute calls and in one of them, he decided to inform me of what he thought was a hilarious piece of irony. All of you know how much of a 'fat kid' I am when it comes to donut consumption, right?! Well, my two biggest nemesis(es?)(...nemisi?...whatever...) are the chocolate covered Boston Kreme filled donuts and lemon-filled powder sugar donuts from the one and only, Dunkin' Donuts. He knows this cuz well, he's my husband, he's also a fat kid who loves donuts, and I went crazy when I first spotted a DD when we were in Myrtle Beach my first time. He probably thought I was nuts, but he pulled over for my donuts anyways :).

To add a little bit of a back story, San Angelo used to have a Dunkin' Donuts when I was growing up, but it shut down and moved out of town when I was about 9 years old. This means I had gone 13 years, almost, without a Dunkin' Donut...which were and always have been my FAVORITE (duh)! Needless to say, I was a heartbroken child when they left. My donut eating extravaganzas were just never the same. And still to this day, San Angelo is still not a place that Dunkin' Donuts calls home. *Sad*

Back to the point of this blog.

--> Chad said, "you won't believe what I saw the other day. There's a whole group of barracks with fast food chains like Burger King, McDonalds, and Pizza Hut down the road from my sleeping place. And I bet you can't guess what's right beside them..."
-->My first guess, "Cold Stone"??? haha. (sounded good considering they're in the DESERT)
-->"No, try again."
-->"Oh I don't know, what?"
-->"A Dunkin' Donuts."
-->My exclamation, "Are you freakin' kidding me?!?!"
-->Chad says in a giggly fashion, "Yea, they can get Dunkin' Donuts at a base over here, halfway around the world, but not in San Angelo, TX." (Followed by more laughter)
-->I said, "That's it, I'm writing the corporation itself!" haha.

Ironic, but most of all, saddening. I love donuts. :) Come back DD!!!


cassandra sagan webb said...

This made me laugh out loud. I can totally hear you saying "Are you freaking kiddin' me?!"

I'm with you on Dunkin' Donuts, sister. They are the best!! Where is the closest DD between Little Rock and San Angelo? Let's meet there. Soon. Ha!

cassandra sagan webb said...

Oh, and you're super sweet, but you don't want to read my paper. It's 25 pages long and not that

Blake & Shaunna said...

I too am a lover of donuts... One of my weaknesses FOR SURE!My favorite from DD are the chocolate filled powdered sugar ones...Man...Makes me REALLY hungry!