Thursday, June 26, 2008

Self-Induced Projects...

I'm busy, busy trying to get a few projects started, but I'm having trouble finding my focus. I really want to make a memory book online (like on Shutterfly, Wal-Mart, or Heritage Makers) showing mine and Chad's pre-marriage journey. We take pictures pretty much everywhere we go, so there's plenty of material for it, I'm just having a hard time putting in all in order, figuring out when the picture took place, etc. We've been so many places already that I want to capture it on paper so we don't forget all of where we've been. I'm already starting to get trips confused, so it's vital to get this done soon. But this project should be second in my mind to the following.

My other project is kind of a secret. It's for someone very special to me and for a very special occasion. I can't say much about it just in case they actually end up reading this, but it's a big deal involving a lot of artsy-fartsy stuff and I just don't know if I am talented enough to make my dreams in my head come into life on paper. Ever have that problem? I see a fabulous final product that will be very sentimental and very special from now until forever, so I really hope I can pull it off! I have a quite tight time schedule on this one, so it's very important for me to make this one my main focus for the next couple of weeks. Wish me luck! It's fun, just overwhelming! Adios!

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Anonymous said...

you can get it all done. just put on some great music and get to work!