Friday, May 9, 2008

Movie Inspiration...

Well, I officially passed my practice test. Yay for me. So I guess I'm not quite as dumb on this stuff as I sometimes feel. I got 79% of the questions right and we only need 75% to pass, so I'm feeling okay right now. Remember, this practice test is only to measure my current knowledge so now I know in which areas I need to spend my time these next couple of days. I'll be ready to get all 100% right on Tuesday, you just wait! :)

So far, the night has been good. Chad got home and decided he was tired and didn't want to do any of the stuff I had suggested regarding getting the house ready for his parents tomorrow, but what was I expecting?! haha. I don't blame him. He had a hard day at work and just wants to come home and enjoy our time together to wind down and take our minds off other stressful things, like studying and jobs. I didn't complain. We've already watched Meet the Robinsons (cute, but kinda weird) and one of my newest favorite chick flicks, 27 Dresses tonight. We had P.S. I Love You on the agenda too, but it looks like my little hubby is a little too tuckered out for another one. We'll just have to watch it tomorrow before the company arrives. I love that movie.

27 Dresses has inspired me to post some of my bridesmaids experiences for everyone to enjoy. In just a couple of years, I may be just as professional as she was at this whole bridesmaid thing. It all started with my sister's wedding in October 2005 in San Angelo, TX.

Then, my great friend Cassandra's wedding in Del Rio, TX, in December 2005 where I met my one and only (Chad...duh). Thanks to Cass & Aaron by the way! :)

Then, my brother and new sister-in-law got married in April 2006 in a beautiful backyard wedding in Christoval, Texas.
Then, I got married myself to the bestest man in the whole world this past July of 2007. They let me wear a different dress that day. :)

To happily add to the bunch, by mid-August I will have been in my best friend Elya's wedding in Abilene, TX and by mid-September, I will have been in our good friend Laura's wedding on a Royal Caribbean cruise. Not too bad for a 23-year-old. Keep the happiness and the vows coming! Like Jane in the movie, I'll do anything anyone asks of me to make their day shine even brighter. I love weddings.

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cassandrasaganwebb. said...

Yay for passing your test! And I love this post with all your bridesmaid pics. Haha!