Sunday, April 20, 2008

Road Trip...

Chad & I just returned from a short road trip to Columbia, South Carolina. We drove down by way of Myrtle Beach to pick up his sister, Cathy, and continued down the road until we hit USC territory. If you don't know about USC (which is the University of South Carolina when you're talking about the east coast), it's Chad's alma mater and the home of the fighting Gamecocks (which is a really funky looking, angry rooster...the ones people raise to fight each other and bet on...don't ask...:)). Where blood runs garnet and black and the mascot runs around and answers to "Cocky". And I have to do this, just for my hubby...Gooooo Cocks! :)

Anyways, back to the subject. Our primary purpose for going to Columbia, minus the chance for Chad to be back in his 'heaven' for a day and a half, was to celebrate his brother, Chris', 25th birthday. We showed up around 12:30 on Saturday, went to eat lunch at a place called Harper's, went to buy some MORE Gamecock gear (because we can never leave without something new :)), and headed to the house to chill for a bit. We eventually proceeded to dinner at a place called Wild Wings, but not the 'Buffalo' kind. The food was really good and so we headed off to the first bar location. We ended up at a place called TLC (The Loose Cockaboose) to hear a band play and to chill for a bit. Unfortunately, it rained and the concert was cancelled, but we sat inside and jammed out to the music for a while anyways. We then headed to a pub called Kelly's. No, not my place, but a cute little place to hang out and dance to music. Then, even though we were exhausted, we jumped over to the last location called Sharkey's. It was a bigger club with two levels of different music playing. At this point, we were beyond tired and feeling slightly grumpy so we got our groove on for a little while longer and headed home. It was a good night. Here is a pic of us at dinner and then having some fun at some of the other places.

And that was the end of a great weekend. Happy Birthday Brotha-Man! :)

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