Thursday, April 17, 2008

Girlfriend Chatter...

I got to spend some time on the phone with my best friend Elya today and it was very refreshing. She is one that never stops. She is going, going, going from morning til night. She works 30 hours a week for a church in Abilene while she attends Grad school part time. She has more projects and papers and sit-in appointments than I've ever seen, and I would know, I visited her for a week last semester and it was pure chaos. Her life isn't chaotic because she does a good job of keeping everything straight and organized, but just as soon as you think you're gonna get to sit down and rest, up you go again onto the next thing.

She has many friends and a wonderful fiancee. That word in itself is enough to make all married or engaged women understand what she is going through, four months before her wedding. If she's not working or at school, she's planning. Gotta do this, gotta do that...and you gotta do them in order, UGH! Does it ever end (is what goes through a girl's mind as she plans the biggest and most important day of her life)?!

Let me release your tensions, Elya. Yes, it will end. Yes, the wedding will be magnificent. Yes, you'll look gorgeous and you'll have the time of your life. Yes, you will feel like a princess and the greatest guest of honor. Yes, you will make the strongest and most deep promise you've ever made in your life (and in public). Yes, you will cry. Yes, the cake will taste good and the guests will feel blessed by your wedding. Yes, the decorations will match the ambiance and the wedding party's dresses/tuxes. And yes, it will be all over in what feels like just a few short moments.

Most importantly, you have found the perfect ONE for you and you two are going to live happily ever after. You're just too good at everything you do to have anything otherwise. Good luck with it all and you know this bridesmaid is right by your side! I love you and I had a great time catching up with you.

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Emily said...

Hey Kelly! Glad I found you on here! Hope married life is great for you! I know it is!