Thursday, April 10, 2008

My True Love(s)...

Oh, the things I can't live without...
-Chocolate Chip cookies.
-Homemade Oatmeal cookie dough...yes, I said the dough :).
-Husband hugs.
-Soft blankeys.
-Sunshine & the occasional refreshing rainstorm.
-Chicken...the kind you eat.'s on ALL of the time and makes life worth dancing to.
-Julio's chips & salsa...I'm going through TX chip and salsa withdrawal if you can't tell.
-Cinnamon rolls on a Sunday morning. (heck, really ANY morning ;))
-French toast with extreme powdered sugar....MMMMM!
-Goofy & gaudy travel picture frames.
-My digital camera to capture the greatest moments in our lives.
-Our wonderful set of professional Wusthof kitchen knives.
-Buttercream flavored Yankee candles.
-Guitar Hero...just call me master of the medium setting...I don't wanna brag, but I'm moving onto bigger things, like 'Hard'. haha.
-Birthdays & the splendid parties we throw.
-Shopping...when I have money to spend of course!
-Candy. Nuf' said.
-Pillows, pillows, pillows when I sleep. Chad can't usually find me for my pillow fortress, haha.
-Hot bubble baths accompanied with my Mood Aromatherapy candles from Victoria's Secret. I love them!
-Cute purses.
-The occasional spontaneous trip out of town.
-Dr. Pepper and/or Coca-Cola in a frosted mug....Yum.
-Kissing & cuddling with my hubby. Yum again.

*Notice, most of them are food/drink related, haha. Good luck to me on that workout plan! :-P


Blake & Shaunna said...

A fully loaded (caffeine and all)Dr Pepper in a frosty mug sounds heavenly right about now! Giving up DPs has serioulsy been one of the hardest things about this pregnancy...hehe:)

Chocolate chip cookies sound pretty good too;)

cassandrasaganwebb. said...

You and I are kindred fat-kid spirits. I agree with EVERYTHING on your list!