Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bad Habits...

Here are just a couple of things I realized Chad & I do on a daily basis (some irrelevant, but funny) that should probably be limited and maybe removed, if necessary, from our daily lifestyle:

*Drink a Coca-Cola each every day. No, NOT diet, just regular, very caffein-y, bad for your teeth, sugary Coke. Anti-diet move right there. It takes about a mile and a half of running on a treadmill to burn off the 140 calories plus sugars conveniently provided to us in one 12 oz. can. It needs to be replaced by something healthy, I know...but what?! We like the bubbles :).
*Excessive TV time. We sit and watch all of our shows every night. That's like 17 hours in front of the TV Monday through Sunday. I'm not implying I want to stop watching any of our shows, but maybe use our time more wisely. I'll take this second to go ahead and say thank you God for the blessing of the DVR. Life made easier. (oh wait, maybe that's our problem....hmmm...nah! :))
*Ever seen Along Came Polly when Jennifer Aniston breaks Ben Stiller of his 'decorative pillow on the bed' habit that his first woman made him do? Well, Chad & I also have about six pillows on top of the three we use on a nightly basis on top of our bed when it's made. It's pretty, yes, but it seems especially silly to make it up everyday. We take the time to assemble the pillow tower only to have to take it back down 15 hours later when we crawl in bed. Mind you, Chad & I are 99% of the time by ourselves, meaning we are the only ones that enjoy seeing the pillows perfectly placed everyday. Maybe one day we'll get the knife to the pillows like they do and just let the feathers fly!
*We drink hot tea likes we were England-bred. We love it and consume at least one mug a day, sometimes two. Also bad for your teeth, but good for the soul ;). Barry's Tea Gold Blend from Ireland is the best hot tea on the planet. Not found in stores, but Yummmm.
*Every dinner is eaten on our lovely TV trays that we just couldn't do without. I'm telling ya, that TV is always on! And we're gonna get fat for it! :)
*Workouts are becoming more regular and intense, but I'm not seeing all that many results yet...at least we're making the effort though, right?! (had to praise us for something!)

On another note, the first day of class was great today. Talk about an information overload, but it was really good. My instructor is captivating, and 8 hours went by surprisingly fast. It's going to be a lot of work, but a fun challenge. Yay for that! Onto tomorrow!

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cassandrasaganwebb. said...

Super cute post. I loved it! And I am so glad that your first day at school went well!