Monday, April 7, 2008

Work it Out!

I just got back from the gym...and I went by MYSELF!! You might not think so, but that's a feat for me! Chad & I usually go together and push each other to do stuff better and for more weight, etc. But I actually got my chubby butt up and got through a really good workout that has left my body feeling much like spaghetti. It's kind of a good feeling to have though, oddly enough. Makes me feel like I will see least that's what I hope anyway.

Tonight I have a little tv to watch then comes a really hot and long bath to relax the muscles and body. I have to get in bed at a decent time tonight because I start school in the morning. I'm kind of anxious. It's like the first day of college when you want to get to class extra early so you get to pick your seat and then you get to watch everyone else walk in. Scopin' out the other subjects interested in real estate. It's nice being early so you don't end up being the one that everyone stares at that walks in right before class starts. Well, I must make me some dinner and off I go! I'll catch you up on my first day tomorrow!!

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cassandrasaganwebb. said...

Have a wonderful day at school!!