Friday, February 15, 2008

Around the World Valentine...

I must admit that, even though I've had boyfriends during Valentine's in years past, I've never just had a Valentine's Day celebration that I loved. This year turned out the same, but at least I found myself having a good time with good people. We had a pot luck dinner at my sister's house with our best friends & my parents. It was delicious and I got to tell some more people about mine and Chad's story. It was fun. The only reason it was kind of a bummer was because Chad wasn't here to spend it with...for the second year in a row...BUT, he did send me an amazingly beautiful bouquet of flowers while I was at work today. (see left)
The bouquet had my favorite flower, lilies, mixed in with a collection of pink roses, purple stalks (?), white carnations, and more lilies. We let them sit on the main counter at work all day so other people could enjoy them too. I got a lot of compliments from people about how gorgeous they were and the whole building smelled of fresh flowers. It actually smelled like a florist, haha. Another good thing, Chad will hopefully get to enjoy them too when he comes to see me on Wednesday. I'm going to fight to keep them fresh and happy.

I love him for taking the time to pick my bouquet. He put a smile on my face all day long. I love pretty flowers...and now everyone can enjoy! :) And Happy Valentine's Day everybody! (Only 5 more days...woo-hoo! :) )

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yay for beautiful flowers!