Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ringing in the New Year...Arkansas Style!

Happy New Year everyone! It has been a fabulous day of lounging for my dear friend Cassandra and I today. We decided to kick the new year off right with a delicious breakfast at the Cracker Barrel, followed by some rocking out on the Guitar Hero & Rock Band setup at Best Buy for a little while, and then a relaxing day of movie watching, a homemade beef stroganoff dinner, and brownies to top things off. YES, we were planning on starting our 'get in shape & look hott' plan today, but we figured since it was a holiday for most everyone else, that we deserved one too! Hence, the vegging out for the day...I love it. We had a great time with some friends of hers in downtown Little Rock last night. We spent the evening at the Flying Saucer which is a brew house that had a live band playing. It was a good time. We sang out loud at the top of our lungs, drank some raspberry beer that was bubbly and tasted like juice, and tried to have the happiest night we could...given the lonely circumstances...but at least we were lonely ladies together, right? Although we didn't get to experience our New Year's kiss, I would rate it overall as not a bad night. Though, we have decided that New Year's is officially a pointless and anti-climatic celebration of the time wait and wait for midnight to roll around, sometimes wondering if it ever will, and then when it finally does, you scream Happy New Year, maybe receive a quick kiss, and hug those that you know, and sometimes those that you don't know, that are standing around you until the excitement settles down about four minutes later and everyone goes back to staring at each other. Kinda silly don't you think? Well, all I hope is that there are many more years to come & maybe, just maybe, I'll eventually be able to receive that much-sought-after New Years kiss from my husband. I love him. Happy New Year, babe.

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