Sunday, December 30, 2007

A NO Brainer...

It seems as though Chad has adopted a new desire while he's been stuck over there in the desert. He wants us to get a ferret. My response: "Ummmm, let me think....NO WAY! Ferret's are just furry rats. Why would you want one of those in our house?".

Well, it turns out he has had ferrets as pets before when he was growing up. Old Thelma & Louise were just the greatest of pets because they just hang out and play and cuddle with you. No thanks babe! If we were to get any animal, it would absolutely be a dog first. Then maybe I would consider a ferret...but only if our dog hated them. haha. jk.

Not only that, but if we did get one, he wants to name it Moholub (turns out that is the name of one of the airports they fly into over there, but seriously?!). A ferret named Moholub...just what I've always dreamed of. Maybe the sand is starting to get to him...haha. I better get him home before he wants a pet pig named Oscar. I still love you dearly, but no ferrets, my sweet! :0)
<-----Furry rat...haha.


cassandrasaganwebb. said...

Eww!! Ferrets are gross! Ain't nothing wrong with piggies, though :) You cannot, I repeat, CANNOT get a ferret! Your house will be stinky!

Chelsey's Chatter said...

eeewwww! I HATE those things! NOOOOOOOOOOO FERRETS!