Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Scream, You Scream!

My sweet girl turned 2 this weekend & we celebrated in the best way possible...with an ICE CREAM BIRTHDAY PARTY! She was so excited about this party, she was talking about it for 3 weeks before it even happened. It was definitely a successful evening with friends & family, paint, presents & sweets. I realized later in the weekend that all of her special birthday treats all had sprinkles involved. Lucky girl! ha.

Her real birthday was on Friday the 2nd, so we started out the morning by surprising her with a room full of helium balloons. She LOVED that. I heard her say over the monitor, "ooooooh, pretty balloons!" before I even got to her room. As I went in & started talking to her she was all revved up & knew that it was her birthday. The excitement was too cute! We went to get her a birthday donut, chocolate covered with sprinkles of course, & it was delicious & hot off the rack. Yumm-Y! She liked the topping best...if that's not obvious. :)

We then went and met daddy for lunch at Red Robin. She had her favorite food for lunch...Mac-y Cheese! She thought it was great, especially when we topped it off with some frozen yogurt at Nikki's Swirl Shop. You pay by the ounce and can have endless toppings, so we loaded it up with her favorites (all of which she calls Nim-a-nims...Reese's Pieces, chocolate chips, M&M's, & a little toffee for mommy. It was very tasty & once again, she was a happy girl! 

When she woke up from her nap, daddy got home. Mimi showed up from out of town soon after & we all went out to eat at Szechuan, an awesome family-style Chinese restaurant. It was so yummy & Kennady sang the Birthday Song to our waitress every time she came to the table. The old lady was getting a  kick out of it. Right before we left, the waiting staff gathered around to sing her their special Birthday song & she ate it up. It was so cute. When we got back to the house, she got to eat some chocolate & practiced blowing out her candles. She did it like a pro!

When Saturday rolled around, we had a whole slew of people coming in town for the big event! Her party was from 5:00-7:00pm so that everyone could have time to get here. Car by car, everyone showed up & was ready to watch some football & party. We started out with a pow-wow in the living room, then headed out to the garage where the kids got to go nuts sponge-painting our BuildADreamPlayhouse Ice Cream Truck. They had a blast getting all dirty (with washable paint of course!) & decorating it to their own delights. It was fun, a bit messy, & super entertaining for the little (& big) ones. We then came in to wash up, light the candles, & build ice cream sundaes. It was all delicious, homemade goodness. Present opening followed once we had indulged & she really enjoyed getting all kinds of new toys (implied?, ha). What a great evening of celebrating our little angel & her first two years. She is so special to us & makes our lives more fun every day. 

Happy Birthday Kenna-Bug!

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