Thursday, September 15, 2011

Goin' to the Lodge...

Man am I excited about this coming weekend! Chad & I decided to take an impromptu trip to the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX with a couple we really like, the Kopers & their 3 kiddos! This will be our first trip to the lodge, though we always sang along to saw the commercials for it when we lived in North Carolina. Kennady has been too small for it until now, so we can't wait to see the fun she has. Not to mention that my husband turns into a very mature 5 year old boy when he gets to climb through watery nets & when jumbo water guns are in reach. And don't even get me started on how much he loves when the huge 1,000 gallon bucket of water pours out over his head. It's fun to watch & it's a blast to play at waterparks, so we're stoked! We figure since we missed out on a Schlitterbahn trip this year, we deserve a little last minute, swimmy fun as the summer comes to a close. And we are so happy that the Kopers decided to jump on our spontaneous wagon & go with us. We have yet to take a family trip with other families, so yay for firsts all the way around. They are veterans to the Great Wolf, so we also have someone to show us the ropes (bonus!). Excuse the lack of posting until we return on Sunday. We leave early in the morning so that we can take full advantage of the 2 days at the waterpark. I also have plans to hit up the outlets at Grapevine Mills & Ikea in Frisco. CAN'T WAIT!! Come on tomorrow!! :-) I hope everyone has a fun and blessed weekend! 

This is a pic of the pajama party before story time down in the lobby right before bed. Can't wait!

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Shaunna said...

Aww! Hope you guys have fun---Take lots of pictures!