Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Costume Central

MY goodness. Looking back on the last 5 years of pictures, I just realized how many theme & costume parties my family has had, both to celebrate birthdays and for Halloween. So, I have decided to share some pictures and ideas with you to aid in coming up with something for this Halloween. Maybe some of the outfits, which are mostly homemade, will inspire you & give you something fun to think about. We had such a fun time at each one of these parties & I hope that this coming Halloween brings you a fun night of tricking & treating.

The Flintstones & Rubbles (all friends in 2005) - 
Costumes made of felt, leather, & fuzzy fabrics. All were handmade & super EASY! (p.s. I made Bam-Bam's outfit & it turns out his 'cheeks' were a bit larger than I thought...ha. Sorry for the peep show!)

70's party thrown by the baseball team of Angelo State University in 2005
(Can I have my skinny, pre-baby body back, please?!)

Halloween Bash 2006 HOT WOMEN

My favorites were Lieutenant Dangle from Reno 911, Where's Waldo? (who tried his best to make it into EVERY picture...hilarious) & Russell Simmons (though the shorts were SHORT ENOUGH!) :).

Me & the Hubs had a free photo session at JCPenney, so we decided to use it on Halloween night & they captured this pic. It's a fun thing to have! :)

My brother's 25th Pirate Birthday Surprise Party (2006)
(the party that I think kicked off my family's obsession with playing dress-up, ha)

My dad's 66th Hillbilly Birthday Party (2006) 
(click to enlarge, but be warned that your first
reaction may be "WHOA, that is TRASHY"! Ha.) So fun!

My brother, Batman's 26th SuperHero Birthday Party 

I found my Turtle shell at a thrift store & made the rest for Michelangelo (who just so happened to be my favorite ninja turtle growing up) & we had a blast. I am with Batman, a Powerpuff Girl, Poison Ivy, & my sis the Pajama Hero!

Halloween Party 2007 
Santa & his Elf (handmade felt costume), a Rocker who was Hot For Teacher, & of course Smurfette & Papa Smurf.

My sis' 30th Birthday (2009) celebrated in true 80's fashion. We went out for a night 
of karaoke & rocked our socks off like this IN PUBLIC. So funny. :)

My 25th Birthday Toga Celebration (2009) with the whole family!

I was thrown a Mad Hatter Birthday Party last year by my dear friends & we wore anything striped or kind of wacky. Gotta love our awesome headbands! 

My sweet whimsical cake by Crystal (pictured above). So cool!

First Annual Sellers Halloween Bash 2010
The creative Twister Board!

My brother Edward Scissorhands (cutting my hair, ha)

A cute little twist to Beauty & the Geek

Ken & Barbie, so creative!

Tourists...funny, funny stuff!

Our pirate family photo with our favorite Parrot Kennady!

As you can tell, there are very few dull moments when you're around my family & friends. We all love to spend time together & celebrate in the wackiest ways we can think of. I just hope that we keep the fun parties rolling! I hope this got you thinking a little more about how you might decorate yourself or your family this year! I have already started racking my brain for a fun and 
interesting (or unusual) family costume this year.  If you have any fun ideas for our sweet threesome, PLEASE share! :-)

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Abby said...

Don't worry... I'm wracking my brain to come up with the perfect costume this year!

Holly said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on the blog! WAY cute ideas! I'm hoping to post about last year's costume sometime next week!

P.S. My husband and I ALSO graduated from USC!! Small world! he! he! GO COCKS!

Karan said...

So many great ideas. Looks like you families parties are great .

I just retired but when working our Senior Center had a big Halloween party each year. I worked an extra month last year just so I could be there with my co-workers.l We were cooks for the Senior Center.l Three of us went as the three blind mice, our Meals on Wheels director was the farmers wife and our boss was the farmer. We had lots of fun all cordinating our costumes.

this year I just get to do whatever I want to go and your post has given me some great ideas.