Friday, May 13, 2011

What to wear, what to wear...

I have a wedding to attend in Texas the weekend of June 11th & because I either haven't seen many of the people that should be in attendance in several years (like maybe 8...when we graduated high school) or I haven't seen them since the magnificent arrival of Kennady, I want to look good. Everybody knows what I'm feeling. We've all sat back and set dates to 'get thin', clear up your face, or get tan by when you know you're going to see people who have no idea what your life has dealt you in the recent past. I want to feel confident, look cute but not overdressed, & be comfortable. Asking too much? Maybe, but that's what I want so that's what I hope to get.

I say I want to be comfortable and not overdressed because it is going to be an outside wedding at a ranch in mid-June in Texas. All of that being said, either way I'm going to be sweating & probably need short heels (for the outside, chasing after a 1.5 year old factor). I assume many girls will probably wear dresses with boots, but I've never thought that I could pull that look off very well. Maybe I need a new pair of boots...yea, that could be it. But, really, I just want to find a cute and mediocrely-priced dress that fits all of the above criteria. My friend Elya got me addicted to following a blog by a fashionable girl named Kendi. I have yet to take on her challenge of the 30 for 30, but one day, I think it would be fun to do. One of her sponsors is the Spotted Moth store & at their site, I found these two cute dresses & I'm asking for your feedback. I realize they are super-similar in style, but I wanted to know which one went over best with you guys. The website is giving an extra 30% off discount on an entire sale ending today, so I was thinking about taking the plunge and just choosing one. No pressure, but please comment soon. :)

This one seems casual enough, but still super-cute. Shoe help though, please?

This one is a bit more dressy, but a better color for my skin tone...unless I luck upon getting ridiculously tan in the next 3 weeks. That's doubtful, but I'm hopeful. :)
Your thoughts, por favor?

Oh yeah, to keep myself accountable (because I plan to keep it going), I wanted to tell ya'll that I have done really well this week with my workouts. Starting last Saturday, I ran & did some sprints on the track & Mon., Tues., Thurs., & today I have been doing Insanity workouts with the very ripped Sean T. My calves are more sore than I can ever remember them being & it's been tough to keep it going, but I'm feeling stronger everyday and that's the whole point, right?! That part feels good. That's all on that note. :)


The Kopers said...

I like the second one better. They are both super pretty and you will look FAB in either one, but I like the color and the cut of the skirt on the second one a little better.

Kasey Gonzales said...

Well I think I'm too late, and I can't make up my mind but I just want to say I LOVE both those dresses. I'd probably pick the first, but that's probably my own taste (I tend to always pick the less dressy choice ha. And congrats on your working out - you might have just motivated me to get off my butt =)

Crystal said...

definately the second one. as soon as i saw it i thought it would go great with your skin and then i read that you wrote the same thing...haha. that is my vote!!