Monday, May 16, 2011

Hallelujah, the stress is lifted!

I want to be the first to announce and congratulate my intellectual man-of-a-husband, as he has officially completed his Master's program this past weekend & has earned a MBA. HALLELUJAH!!! My sweet hubby has been STRESSED out, my friends. Not for just a couple of weeks, but it's been months. He has had so much on his plate including, but not limited to, Instructor school, 3 Master's classes, being flight commander at the 40AS at Dyess, J-school for the C-130, being out of state & in foreign territory, raising a 1 1/2 year old, & being the supportive & helpful husband he is. That's a lot going on, people!! So much, that a case of stress-induced Alopecia, where your hair falls out in a circular area & takes a while to grow back, has taken hold of his noggin. Poor guy. These courses that he has been in, both professionally & educationally, are all going to pay off for us as promotion boards come up. I am so proud of him for keeping everything together, for powering through, and for setting such an awesome example for Kennady. I know she doesn't realize anything right now, but one day she will understand the amazing character that it takes to have so many things going on & still be able to care for a family as he does. Kennady LOVES her 'daddy' & for good reason. He is like SUPERMAN & this supportive wife is so happy to have ONE LESS THING on his plate.

The biggest of congratulations & the best wishes for hair regrowth go out to the smartest and most good-looking man I know...Captain Donald Chad Douglas Sellers. :) You're my hero.


Crystal said...

I'm so happy for ya'll! I know this lifts so much off of his sholders. In December we will celebrate with Tim as he finishes his MBA as well. Go Chad!!!

The Kopers said...

Awesome post! You sure are blessed! Way to go Chad!