Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More thoughts...

I thought of a couple more things:
*Kennady is walking really well...just not very consistently. She still feels & knows that scooting her booty gets her there faster! It's cute to watch her take her little grandpa steps though! :)
*After a year of living in this wonderful house, Chad & I have finally got the garage cleaned out enough to fit both vehicles into it. That is a HUGE accomplishment for us. Only a couple of touch-up & organization things to finish up this weekend and it will be perfect! Yay!
*We transitioned from formula to whole milk at the one-year mark and that was yet another very successful transition with her. About two days after the switch, she was fine to have it all of the time. She is so good to me. Now, I just have to figure out how to get her transitioned from the bottle to the sippy cup and I am SOOO nervous about it. The doc said they like the babies to be done with the bottle at about 15 months...that's only about 7 weeks from now. I know that every baby has their own schedule and nothing is in stone, but I would like to get it done and out of the way sooner than later (much like the pacifier), but she LOVES LOVES LOVES that bottle. Any suggestions from those who have had success or terror transitioning stories?! Everything helps! :)
*Chad & I are going to be spending quite a bit of time in Arkansas in these next 6 months and I'm feeling anxious about it. It bothers me that even though he is in the states (which is so much better than him being deployed), that we still can't just live our lives like we like to and on our own terms...I know, it's the AF life and we both signed up for it, but I had to vent for just a second. :) Moving on...
*I am highly considering doing something called the Warrior Dash with a group of other spouses from the squadron. I would definitely have to get really serious in training because it looks to be something that is ridiculously brutal & difficult on the body. The idea of doing it is taunting me, so I think I might just have to give in to my gut, sign up, and face it & have a blast doing it! It would be so much fun. Check it out here: www.warriordash.com
*Well, I'm headed to bed so I will add more later. Goodnight! :)