Sunday, July 4, 2010

A low-key but Happy 4th!

Happy Independence Day everyone! I hope you are all having safe and festive celebrations with family and friends. This year has been pretty low-key, but fun all the same. My parents came in to visit and to help out with a little more around the house. We grilled steaks this evening and finished it off with hot tubbing while the neighbors all around us set off their fireworks. It was really cool, but hot at the same time...;) hehehe.

My aunt from Alaska is coming to visit on Tuesday, but REALLY coming to visit me and KENNADY this coming Thursday. We are planning to have a women's lunch (g-ma, mom, aunt, sis, myself, and Kenna) at my house followed by a relaxing day of hanging out before they head back to SA-town and my sister stays to slumber party. We, too, plan on visiting SA-town for a couple of days during Becky's stay and we also have plans to try a second time to go to Schlitterbahn. It better not get flooded this time around. :) We love that place & I know Kennady is looking forward to all of the water fun!

I had a pretty big scare on Friday. I pulled away from my house and realized that I hadn't seen my wallet so far during the day. I stopped the car and checked everywhere that I could. Upon not finding it, I then turned around and went back home to do a more thorough inspection since it was pouring rain outside. Upon not finding it still, I checked inside my house with no luck there either. UGH, it is SOOOO frustrating when you know you have something, but can't figure out where the heck you put it. So, I called some friends that I had hung out with the night before to see if maybe I left it at their house or they had picked it up for me or something, but no luck there either. Now, I'm getting a little scared. Losing your personal belongings like that must be one of the WORST things ever. Trying to get all of your ID's replaced, credit cards, gift cards, etc. is the pits. I was starting to get pretty frustrated with myself as the rain continued to pour (nothing like adding more gloom to the already gloomy), so I decided to make a quick trip over to the house I was at the night before because I know how clumsy I can be (the last time I THOUGHT I had had it with me). Upon my arrival, I see something in the grass near the curb where I put Kennady in her carseat. HOLY CRAP!?! Could that really be my green, snakeskin wallet there in the grass, or is it a mirage made by my desperate eyes? OMG! It was seriously still sitting in the grass, untouched and soaking wet...but I didn't care! I was so happy to see it, I could have cried! WHEW! That was a close one! All was salvageable since most everything important in it is plastic or laminated. Thank GOD!! I was so happy. At that point, it could rain all it wanted...:)

Well, I don't have much more! Just wanted to wish all a Happy 4th of July Celebration!

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