Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sorry for the extensive absence! Things have been CRAZY around here! We have been really busy spending time with the 40th spouses, having activities almost daily to help the time pass by. It's been a lot of fun getting to know the other women of the squadron. It's really helpful to have people around you that know exactly what separation is like and that can help you fill in the gaps while the men are gone.

This past week, I got a couple more house-related things done thanks to my helpful mother. She came to visit and to help watch Kennady while I tried to get some outside stuff handled. I think I got a little bit of heat exhaustion though last week and caught a 4 day fever that messed me up a bit. It was NOT fun, but my mommy helped out a lot and let me and my body catch up to itself. Then, last night I took Kennady's temperature and it was 101 degrees. BOO! And, she's covered in a head to toe rash that we now know is Roseola. It's a disease that goes around during the summer months that consists of fever and a rash that both go away on their own over time. Poor little baby. We cuddled for 6 or the 9 sleeping hours last night because being held is the only thing that made her feel good. She's so sweet and her cuddles make me happy. I really hope she breaks this fever soon and goes back to her normal, smiley self.

Also, I have been asked and have decided to take over the fundraising chair for the spouses of the 40th. I don't know if any of you have good fundraising ideas that you think a group of married with children women would like to do, but if you do, PLEASE SHARE! Any idea is a good one! Thanks!

Kennady is 7 months old tomorrow...NUTS! I can't believe we are already that far along in her life. She is a champ at sitting up, has gotten up on all fours but just rocks forward, and talks like she's speaking in sentences. She's beginning to dislike her carseat, but enjoys looking out the windows at everything flying by. She's still the most smiley, friendly, joyous baby I've ever seen. She is definitely the best thing I've ever done :).

We are so proud of the USC Gamecock Men's Baseball team for winning the College World Series!! The biggest title the school has ever held! Go Cocks! :)

Elya, John, and a group of people from the college ministry and I all got together and played some court volleyball the other night. It was so much fun. I love that sport!! I have really missed playing and being in that 'team' atmosphere. I really thought that I would be super-duper sore today, but so far, so good. Maybe this 25 year old really isn't as 'old' as she feels sometimes, haha.

We had plans to go back to Lake LBJ for the 4th with my friend Nicole, but those plans fell through, so now my parents are going to come and visit me and we're going to have a laid back weekend of fun. There's a big fireworks display Saturday night and I'm sure we'll find some kind of trouble to get into here! It should be fun!

Well, I guess that's all! Talk to ya again soon....or so I hope! :) Happy early 4th of July everyone!! Be SAFE!

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