Monday, March 22, 2010

Holy Moly, double awarded! :)

"The Honest Scrap award comes with a caveat or two. First, you have to tell your readers ten things about you they may not know, but that are true. Second, you have to tag 10 people with the award. Third, let all the people you've given the award to know that they've gotten it (comment on their blogs or something). And finally, make sure you link back to the person who awarded you."

I was given this award by Cassandra and Chelsey, so here are my 'things':

1. I just recently bought myself my very first 'smartphone'. Prior to now, I had the basic flip phone that pretty much came free with a contract renewal. It made calls, set alarms, took pictures, and sent texts. That was pretty much it, but I was very happy with it for many years. I would consider myself a mediocrely-tech-savvy person...definitely not someone who has to have the latest gadget as soon as it comes out though. I got the Droid Eris (the girly version of the Droid), and I love it! It has so much info, so many games and abilities, and is pretty much my little handheld computer. I use it so much! Consider me a convert. :)

2. Along with my husband, I have become quite a fan of bottled Coca-Colas (the Mexican kind made with real sugar cane) and bottled Dublin Dr. Peppers (also made with real cane sugar). We ordered a case of them from Dublin and they were worth it! :) You can find the Mexican cokes on the Mexican food aisle at Wal-Mart (or at Sam's for wayyy cheaper). :) We may be addicts, but we are really trying to cut back on this evil habit. Ha.

3. I never thought I could love something as much as I love my Kennady. I've always heard parents say that, but seriously...somehow I can love her more and more every day that passes. It's easy and unconditional.

4. I am about to pee myself over how happy and exciting it is to think that Chad, Kennady, and I are all going to be in our own HOME (something which many of you probably take for granted...we have been practically 'homeless' nomads for the past year+ and it is SOOO getting OLD!). It's going to be amazing to have a place that feels and really is HOME to us, with friends and family all around us, like it's supposed to be! Yay!

5. Chad and I have pondered and think that we deserve a little relaxation and added happiness, and therefore have decided to purchase a hot tub for ourselves (and anyone that ever comes to visit too, of course :)). We went to look at the spas yesterday and my heart got all giddy. Gotta love a hot tub! :)

6. We are considering becoming Sam's Club members since we can get diapers, wipes, and formula for a lot cheaper than at Target and Wal-Mart. We will probably start buying meats and some freezable things in bulk too, so I think it will pay off! That's exciting!

7. I, on occasion, have really strong desires to be on a cruise ship. It's a fun vacation and a great way to 'get away' and have a blast. We hope to go on another sometime with some friends or family this time. We think it would be crazy fun!

8. I hope that this summer is filled with fun stuff like trips to the park, river floats, home gardening, small shopping trips to San Antonio or Dallas, tanning, lake fun, and crafts. I can't wait for the warmer weather to stick around and for the wind to subside...seriously, GO AWAY WIND! :)

9. I have considered starting a couple of businesses. Not really seriously, but I have a few ideas for them. Some include sewing cute baby things and selling them, others include wedding planning/coordination with friends, and starting a school for ladies that teach small things that we should all know, even if our mothers weren't able to teach us them. Such as basic sewing, cooking, formal dancing, etiquette, how to dress a table, etc. Very Martha Stewart-ish, but it would be a lot of fun!

10. I think I may finally become a coffee drinker. Lord knows that based on how my dentist visits (yes, that was plural) went last week, that I don't need to add anything else to my reportoire that would have negative and lasting effects on my teeth, but it does taste good. I am still a wussy coffee drinker that only really ever drinks it when someone else brews a pot and I still add 2 creamers and like 3 sugars, but maybe one day I will become less of a wuss. It does taste REALLY good with all of those goodies in there though. :)

Well, that was my ten. I would tag people, but I'm really not good at that, so I hope you enjoyed! Talk to ya later! :)


clw said...

Call me about that cruise! ;)

Chelsey said...

Yay! Glad to read all of your "things". I'd definitely go with Sam's Club. We use Costco here, but it's the same thing. Definitely saves you a ton of month in the long run! :)