Wednesday, March 31, 2010

CLOSING today!!

OMG! It is officially 'closing on the house' day and we couldn't be MORE excited! We are slowly getting back to a more normal, permanent, stable lifestyle and it feels fabulous. It's like a huge burden has been lifted, though having our condo in NC still on our stressors is getting kind of old. It'd be super-duper if it would be erased from our lives for good sometime soon, but we're going to hang in there and keep the faith that something productive will happen with it in the near future. But, OMG! We are buying our house today!! :)Woo-hoo!

I will be honest and say that we are going to miss being roomies with my bestie Elya and her husband John. It has been a lot of fun seeing them everyday, cooking and eating dinners together, and getting some short breaks from the little lady with E-time (where Elya plays with her for about an hour each day). We will have to figure out some way to meet up and keep some of these dinner dates going in the future. It's been a lot of fun.

Here is a picture of our house from the outside:

We will be turning our own key to this place after just a few hours of signing hundreds of's going to be a good time! haha. Can't wait!


*All About The Carson's* said...

kelly i love it!! it's gorgeous! hope the move goes well

clw said...

It's beautiful!!!!!!!