Sunday, November 1, 2009

MJ will live forever...

Chad & I went and saw Michael Jackson's "This Is It" movie yesterday. It was really enjoyable if you liked his music and if you enjoy watching some amazing dancers do their thing. It's almost 2 full hours of his preparations with his crew for their proposed upcoming world tour. He was an amazing artist and was very 'hands on' with everything he did. And it's very hard to believe that he still had those moves & vocals at 50 years old!

When we got to the theater, a woman was waiting for (prego here) to get out of the car so she could get into hers. She had a cool 'Michael Jackson: This is it" t-shirt on, so I complimented her on it. She then asked if we were going to see the movie and we said yes. At that point she said she had an extra ticket and graciously gave it to us. So sweet of her! And it saved us $10!! :) The movie was good and I'm glad we saw it. It's only in theaters for another week & a half, so if you're interested you better go check it out (though they will definitely have it on dvd for collector's pretty soon).

We did absolutely nothing last night for Halloween. Never had even one person knock on our door either (which is good because we didn't have candy to give them, ha). Chad made himself a pumpkin pie & I made myself a key lime pie. Good stuff, but totally boring compared the party pics I've seen so far! ha. That's okay, next year will be a blast with our little Kenna Bear! :)

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