Sunday, September 13, 2009

You're so Crafty...:)

Mom & I had some fun today. First, we went to a baby shower for a girl we know who is expecting a sweet little surprise (they aren't finding out the sex) in October. It was fun to watch someone else get to open and enjoy all kinds of fun baby stuff!

We then grabbed some lunch at McAlister's (yum) & hit up Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Ross, & Wally-World for some fun fabric, ribbon, & burp cloths. I then came home & started to paint Chad's 'welcome home' sign that I always have present at the airport with me when he gets here (mostly because I know it embarrasses him & I like to make them, ha). He tends to smile through it & 'appreciates' them as best he can. Hehe. It's so sweet. The one I made this time is so cute, though I can't post pictures just in case he actually reads this thing. It would be shocking if he did, but it would also be the one time he decides to, cuz that's just how these things go sometimes. I'll be sure to post pics after he gets to see it though.

I haven't QUITE decided on Ken(n)ady's (name spelling or) bedding/room decor just yet, but I'm thinking it will probably just all come together. Mom & I are going to make a bumper pad & some crib sheets out of some cute material we found today, but I still need to go out and purchase the extra pieces to go with it. I'm leaning towards an understated 'beachy' theme in it's simplistic form...not cheesy in other words. Lots of blue, red, brown, beige, & some yellow. Kind of sounds weird on paper, but I'll eventually post some pictures of the quilt that is the inspiration & of how it turns out. If all fails, it's really just the functionality of it that matters, right?! I mean...seriously. :)

Well, I guess that's all for now. I wanna give a shout out to the Big Man above for all of the much appreciated & refreshing rain He has sent down to us these past 4 days! I love it! :)

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clw said...

Hey lady, for what my opinion is worth, I think you should add another "n" to her name.

When I first read "Kena" on one of your older posts, I read it as "Keena" and then had to tell myself that it was pronounced "Kenna."

I know my opinion on YOUR baby name shouldn't matter/doesn't matter - just throwing my two cents out there ;)