Sunday, April 19, 2009

Playing Catch Up...

Sorry, I kind of fell off of the blogging this week. Instead I fell into a never-ending state of nausea. They aren't messing around when they talk about 'morning sickness'. Although they lie in implying it only happens in the morning. It's more like 'all day' sickness, and that's depressing. I don't think I've ever had this kind of eating challenge EVER before...but I also haven't ever been pregnant, so I guess it makes sense. I wake up with an empty, bubbly stomach feeling... then I force myself to eat something even though nothing sounds good and it usually dwindles a little bit. But, there is a constant state of weirdness that is present in my tummy. Bubbles sometimes, growling noises, bloatedness (boo!), and hunger pains...but, nothing seems to please the palette. Poor Chad has been putting up with me and my indecisiveness when it comes to food. I'm pretty sure he's exhausted of the 'I don't feel like anything' or 'nothing sounds good at all' responses. I hear that this state of nausea eventually goes away, so that's reassuring. Cuz Saltine crackers and soup are overrated! ha. Most weird about all of this is that for the first time in my life, CHOCOLATE DOES NOT sound very good. A couple times I've tried it to see if it would make me happy, but NOPE. Nothing. It's VERY sad. :( Good for the hips though....I guess.

On another note, Chad has OFFICIALLY become an Aircraft Commander as of this past Wednesday. He is now the 'big kahuna', the 'main man', 'el jefe'...ha. I'm so proud of him! :)

We went to see 17 Again Friday night. It was a cute movie and Zac Efron is actually quite good in a non-musical. He's cute, I know that. What is he, like 18? haha. Chad & I rented 'Bedtime Stories' last night and thought it was a really cute family movie too. It's kind of predictable but a different kind of storyline than usual. Worth the rent, anyways. ;)

My allergies have been kicked into high gear lately. Boo to pollen and the budding of billions of trees. I'm pretty sure I can safely take Benadryl, but it always makes me sleepy...forcing me to either sleep all day or just take it at night...which is usually what I choose. I hate allergies.

We went to the storage building today and got our Calphalon pots out! Thank goodness, because those cheapo ones we bought at Wally World when we got back ARE NOT working for us anymore. Note to self: never waste your time on the cheap pots at Wal-Mart.

We just found out my niece-in-law Melissa and her hubby Chad are having another little BOY! He is due in September & will potentially be named Sutton. So cute! I can't wait! :)

I guess that's it for now. Not very eventful around here these days. I mostly just lay around, watch Sex & the City, eat here and there, and enjoy daytime tv (no soaps though...I'm not THAT crazy!).


cassandra sagan webb said...

Sorry you're feeling ill. This too shall pass, right? :(

Oh, and I have a hunch -- you're having a boy. Just my gut. We'll see if I'm right. I'm calling it now. BOY!

Wasn't 17 Again just SO CUTE?! I loved it!!

Feel better mama!

Shaunna said...

Hope the yucky tummy goes away soon!The smell of raw meat was the worst for me.... It made cooking pretty much impossible during that first trimester...Poor Blake!

Enjoy these lazy days...When that little one arrives, the lazy days kind of disappear:]

Thanks for the t-shirt idea- Cute, cute!

Laura said...

it does get better!