Sunday, March 29, 2009


Sorry it's been so long everybody! We have been a couple of seriously MOBILE people these last couple days! We got home for about 3 hours on Wednesday, then unpacked to repack and got back on the road to drive to Myrtle Beach to see the in-laws. Luckily, both his mom and dad had a day off while we were there so we got to spend some good time with them. We went to a couple of seafood restaurants right on the beach (which I don't appreciate nearly as much as Chad does, since he actually LIKES seafood. I, on the other hand, loathe not just the taste, but even the smell of the nasty fishies. Needless to say, I'm a steak & chicken orderer at these places.) It's still nice to sit and look out at the ocean while you're eating though, so I appreciate that part. We went window shopping, played some Monopoly & Spades, and just kinda hung out the rest of the time. Nothing too exciting, but a good weekend with the fam.

Seems like God has been taking quite a few showers over a lot of us. Texas got some rain & some snow if I'm not mistaken and both North and South Carolina seemed to have been soaked pretty good recently. The rain is always nice and refreshing. We got to see a nice lightning storm in MB on Friday night while we were eating at Texas Roadhouse. Then we got wet running to the car. Ha.

We are finally back into our own house, which is still only 15 percent full. Majority of our stuff as you know is in storage and PACKED in there. We have now had our house on the market for about 7 weeks and it hasn't been shown to even one person...quite frustrating, but it looks pretty in here. :) We considered going into the storage unit this evening to pull out some of our pots and pans, maybe some plates and bowls, and our router to get the Internet set up tomorrow, but all of that fell through when we realized how much of a hassle all of that would have been. Instead, we Wal-Marted it up and bought some really cheap replacements for temporary use. I feel like a college student all over again, ha. Byebye Calphalon and hello cheapo-brand. Oh well, it'll only be this way for a little while, right?

Chad got some deployment news from work the other day. Looks like they might send him in May instead of June (don't know which part of the month yet) and that they will be going to Germany, which is way cooler than the alternative. Also, it may be a two monther which would be A-MAZING. If he has to go, I would like it to be for half the time! So, we'll see how all of that works out. As you know by my many venting blogs, you never know something for sure in the AF until it's already happened, so I'll keep you updated. I guess that's all I got for now!

P.S. You like how I created my own words with -er and -ed at the end throughout this post. My English teachers would be so proud...Ha.

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