Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mmm & Ewww...

Sleeping in late, a Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks, a Mesquite Chicken sandwich from Quizno's with Jalapeno chips, and a finished workout with Cassandra on a Sunday. It's been a pretty great day so far. So that's the reason for my 'MMMM' subject line.

If you don't want to hear about my personal acne problems, stop reading now...:)

On another note, I have been battling with some facial acne issues for the past 4-5 months or so. Prior to Chad getting home from overseas in about October, I began 'breaking out' mostly on my chin with a lot of little pimples that drove me NUTS. They wouldn't go away and actually started to look like they were leaving behind small scars. NOT COOL! Finally, they somewhat disappeared but I continue to be paranoid of their possible reoccurrence. I've never really had any acne type issues in my life. Besides the typical occasional pimple during PMS, I have been very lucky and pimple-less until now. At 24, I start breaking out. Kinda weird to me.

So, I finally broke down and decided to use Proactiv Solutions. Chad & I bought the kit at the mall on Friday and I've been using it for the past 2 days. Unfortunately, I think my skin is having a bad reaction to the Benzoil Peroxide in the cleanser and moisturizer. The first night I used it I didn't have any kind of negative reactions. It's really frustrating because after I used it last night, my face turned reddish and started itching like CRAZY. I went to sleep and just let it be, hoping it would be better this morning. It was kinda better, but still itchy and prior to my workout I realized it was rough with little bumps in some areas. After my workout, my face was super-red and started itching really badly again. UGH! How annoying! I talked to Cassandra (who has beautifully perfect skin) about it and she had some good suggestions. So, I think it's time for me to give up on the Proactiv (and let Chad use it from now on) and start using a cleanser called Cetaphil. She said it helped her, so hopefully it works for me! Let's keep our fingers crossed because I really don't want to make a trip to the dermatologist.

Just curious, has anyone out there ever had a similar reaction to Proactiv? I wonder if it's just my skin's tolerance levels against strong chemicals. I guess I'm sensitive like a baby. :) I guess that's all I got. Sorry this was kinda weird and grossy. haha. Appreciate any comments though!


Amanda said...

ProActiv has a new line of products for sensitive skin. I'm not sure if you can buy it if you are not a "club member", as in you register on their site and have the 3-piece system shipped automatically every few months.

I use ProActiv and haven't had any problems with it. But, I did notice they have a new line that does not have benzoyl peroxide. It's just salycilic acid, which isn't as strong as the other.

Laura said...

i have heard that it can really irritate your skin...never used it myself though.

i never had acne either...until later in's caffeine! i know, super sad. but i don't drink cokes and no chocolate anymore...has helped TONS! hope thats not your problem...but just a thought.

Shaunna said...

Wish I could help with the pimple problem...I too have been plagued with some adult acne...UGH! It comes and goes. Never really had it as a teenager. I've always kinda wanted to try ProActiv, but never have. Now I will be a little more hesitant after hearing your not so fun experience with it!

I broke out like crazy when I got pregnant with Addi...It's what first prompted me to take a pregnancy test! Just a thought;) You never know!!!