Monday, November 24, 2008

Ohhh Christmas Tree...

I thought I would share a pic of our very first Christmas tree together with all of you. Of course, the picture doesn't depict it in its true lit-up beauty, but you get the idea (sorry it's sideways, but I couldn't get it to rotate). We chose gold & burgandy because they are warm and cozy colors & classy, you might say. Since this picture was taken, we added some burgandy, glittery snowflakes that really add some fun sparkle. I'm just too lazy to take and upload a new picture.
I got most of our gifts bought & wrapped already. I know, I know...sounds crazy, but we have a good reason, I promise. We are spending Christmas in Myrtle Beach as I've said before. But we are going to have to fly to MB from Little Rock, AR which means luggage limits & in my case, no room for presents :). Therefore, we have to have presents bought, wrapped, and ready to take with us on Wednesday to his parent's house for Thanksgiving. Talk about feeling ahead of the game! I've never been this far ahead of things, so early! I have to admit, I enjoy the thought of not being stressed in December. It's going to be fabulous enjoying the holidays and cold wintery weather with my hubby. Yay for the Christmas season right around the corner!

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Anonymous said...

awwww! your tree looks wonderful! I'll try to post a pic of mine, so you can see it!!