Thursday, November 6, 2008

15 Quirks of Yours Truly...

1. I refuse to drink milk directly, but will use it in my morning cereal & for cooking purposes.
2. I have to have Chapstick within reach at all times during every day or I become a chapped lips hypochondriac. An application must take place before I go to sleep.
3. I'm addicted to comfy blankets and continue to buy them despite the fact that I have enough as it is and could provide warmth to half of our city, haha.
4. I am a sucker for chocolate & cappuccinos. I, too, think a Starbucks cup goes with any outfit during any season. :)
5. When I buy a gift, I have to be the one that wraps it, to make sure it's done the prettiest way possible and I often wrap it right after I buy it.
6. I usually get up to pee during the night at least once. But I love the sheets & comfort you return to when you get back in bed.
7. I love the smell of burnt gasoline. It takes me to times that remind me of being on a lake in a boat or sea-doo, on a four-wheeler, or in a go-cart. Those are some of my favorite memories.
8. I scan the area around me any time I'm by myself in public and also think about my first moves in any case in which I may be attacked. I sometimes freak myself out in parking lots...mostly at night. But I've been lucky so far.
9. Dollar Tree is one of my favorite stores. Cheapo, I know.
10. I have to have music on while I'm taking a shower & getting ready. It gives me an extra energy for my whole process.
11. I can't sleep in socks under any circumstances. It suffocates me, haha.
12. Hammocks could take over as beds for all I care. They make me happy.
13. Penguins and anything penguin related makes me smile. Don't know why, maybe it's their waddle.
14. Seasonal decorations in my house have to have at least a little bit of continuity among them. Everything has to go with everything else. We'll see how that goes this winter!
15. I hate pulp in any fruity drinks, especially orange juice. Gross & slimy.


cassandra sagan webb said...

I, too, have to have the radio on when I shower/get ready. I don't understand how people can do that in silence!

Laura said...

1, 2, 6, 15---amen! glad you had a great trip!

Anonymous said...

I might have to post something similar to this because it cracked me up to read it about you....I can actually picture your face when you have socks on in bed, or if you have pulp in your drink...serisouly cracks me up.