Thursday, September 4, 2008

You Rock My World...

Sarah Palin! Seriously, you're awesome. I sat through her whole speech, yearning to know what was next. She's captivating, pretty (her family included), and SOOOO good at speaking publicly. I am so happy she got to finally shine! Maybe it will stop some of the ridiculous accusations and media-fed negativity towards her & McCain. I think she rocks. Like, so much, that I would be happy to just cast my vote right now and be done with this whole presidential debate thing. My aunt from Alaska is a 100% supporter of her because of all of the many things she has done for her territory up there. It seems like she is a woman who would get things done & do them right!

I think that's one of the first speeches I've heard where I actually laughed out loud quite a few times throughout. I appreciated the heck out of all of the below-the-belt knocks she took on Obama. And she did it so candidly & with a secret smirk that I loved. Awesome. Yay for a woman in the VP spot! She even has the sass to bring with her! Now, all we have to do is cast our votes and make it happen!
P.S. Did anybody see how stinkin' cute that was when her little girl was holding Palin's new baby, Trig? As if that wasn't sweet enough, she then took her hand, licked her fingers, and so 'professionally' used the spit to weigh down the baby's hair. Something tells me she's seen someone do that before...hmmm, maybe mommy?! haha. On national television and everything! Mom will be proud...later. :)

P.S.S. So, say McCain & Palin DO make it to the White House ( if any woman made it to the presidency), how will we refer to Mr. Palin (or, their husband)? First Gentleman...or First Man? Just curious if anyone knows?

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The Holik's said...

I totally agree with your whole post!! I sat in awe when she was speaking!! She is so genuine and real!! I LOVE HER!!!