Monday, September 22, 2008

Playing Catch Up...

Seems like Sunday is always the best day for playing catch up with friends and family on the phone. The weekdays are so crazy for everyone that it seems sanity finally returns to us all on Sundays, only to start over from scratch the next day. But, it's a fabulous day to spend hanging out, taking it easy, eating, or watching tv, football, or movies. It's Sunday...everyone's second favorite day of the week, right behind Saturday.

Today, I spoke to my in-laws. I love my in-laws. Chad's family (now mine too) is awesome. Found out they finally got all of their stuff moved up from Orlando to Myrtle Beach, SC & it is mostly all unpacked already. Good for them! Their new place can now feel like a home.

Then, I talked to my aunt Becky from Alaska to remind her that some pictures that I ordered and had sent to their Wal-Mart in Eagle River were ready for her to pick up. A man from the store called my cell phone and caught me off guard when he said my pictures were ready at their store there. I was like, no wait, I'm not Becky Finch, silly guy. hah. We got it figured out though. She's definitely my favorite aunt! :)

I caught up with my best friend Elya. We had our usual once a week long catch-up conversation. We played phone tag every day last week, which is very frustrating, but we got to get it all out & catch it all up today. And her 24th birthday is this coming Wednesday. Happy early birthday El!

I talked to Nicole about this coming weekend and my trip to see her in Lubbock & we finalized some NKOTB plans. We are very excited!

I spoke with my good friend Ben, who was my first kiss when I was 13. lol. He's ironically now Nicole's cousin through marriage. Funny how life goes. He's doing good and living in Houston. It was nice to know life is treating him and his family good, despite Ike making a ruckus in his hometown.

I talked to my brother-in-law Chris for a while about girls, his college work, and the potential of a job with SLED in South Carolina. An organization much like a statewide FBI. It would be very cool for him to do something like that. Especially with his military background and his love for that kind of work.

Then, I caught up with my sister-in-law Cathy and all of her stuff going on in Myrtle Beach. She's working hard as a waitress and going to class. Staying busy, busy as always. It was good to talk to her for so long.

Somewhere in there I actually talked to my husband a time or two. He went to the theatre on base to watch Hancock and then came back to his room, gave me a call, and went to sleep. He's finally recovering from his head cold. Hopefully his crew that he shared his sickness with is recovering also.

I should check the minutes on my phone, cuz there is a good chance I knocked a good chunk into them today! haha. I feel like I'm in the loop with things though, and I like it! Hope everyone I didn't get to catch up with today is living life happy and healthy! :) Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

yes yes, I read all about the bull-crap that cassandra is going through. she had sent me a message saying to email her my info so i can read her blog.

Anonymous said...

yay for blogs! i never knew its what all the cool kids were doing, ha! yeah, well my blog will be SUPER boring, but so far it seems to be a good idea. when i havent wanted to go run, ive thought 'no...then i will look so lazy on my blog!' ha!