Thursday, September 18, 2008

Busy, Busy...

Well, life has been going along pretty good lately. Minus a couple back-related issues, we are definitely moving forward on the 'can't wait til Chad gets home' schedule. Yay for that.

This is what I have planned for the next month, to continue 'passing the time'. :)

*Work, work, work. It makes the days go by & it finishes off my contributions towards our cruise when he gets back. Gotta make the moo-lah, cuz cruisin' ain't cheap! :)
*This weekend we are celebrating my grandma's birthday, probably with lunch at McAlister's & maybe a movie...who knows?! September 20th is a very blessed day in my family. We have 4, yes that was a FOUR, birthdays on that one one family! Craziness. My grandma, my niece-in-law, & two of my older brothers. It's nuts. Happy Birthday to you all!
*I'm going to visit Nicole in Lubbock next weekend. YAY! Her and her sister Kyla bought a house last spring and I still haven't gotten to see it. So, I'm very excited to see their place & get to spend time in their home. It's going to be a lot of fun! Their twin half-brothers Don & Jason have their birthday that weekend so we plan on taking them out for some eats and drinks. Fun, fun! Maybe I'll be there for a home football game too(?)...either way, Go Red Raiders! :)
*The next week I will continue working, including the weekend. Yuck, but what can you do. I've already committed...grrr. :)
*The next week is my birthday week. October 9th was a fabulously special and blessed day back 24 years ago. haha. Birthdays on a Wednesday are always just mediocre though, unfortunately. Stuck right in the middle of the week and usually forgotten about. My sis-in-law and I have been considering throwing a toga party though (which I've never been to), so it may or may not happen, but hopefully something will.
*Another birthday without my hubby around...nuts.
*The next week after that is the big NKOTB concert in San Antonio. I'm so excited! Still considering making neon shirts to represent each boy in the group & possibly spell it out on our backs, lol. We'll see if that follows through. Either way, it's going to be a fabulous weekend! I love San Antonio, and my girls! :)
*Then, the next week should be the 'glorious return' week!!!!! YAY! He's either coming home Oct. 16th or 21st. We'll find that out sooner or later I guess!
*The weekend after he gets here, we plan on using our friends at
Cozart Photography to take a family picture for us. My mom has wanted us to all take a family picture together for a while now. Finally, we will get it done...and professionally at that ;)! I'm super-excited!

So, those are my plans so far. Gotta keep the wheels moving to make the time go faster! Our last month, thank GOD!

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