Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Farewell Again...

On the road again, I go. Tomorrow Nicole & I (we should be tired of each other by now, don't ya think?! haha) are going down the road to Abilene for all of Elya & John's wedding festivities. We are helping them move into their house tomorrow and then we have a Bachelorette party to throw. It's going to include dinner at Little Italy, desserts at a coffee bar called Tuscany's, & a couple drinks from a cute little Martini Bar. I got her a cute red satin sash that says 'Bride-to-Be' & lights up. It's super-cute!

Friday we are getting our nails done in the morning, swimming in the afternoon, & rehearsal dinnering in the evening. Then, Saturday is the big day! We start out with a bridal brunch and end with a 'happily ever after' with sparklers lighting their way. They are definitely meant for each other and I'm so happy I get to spend their special day with them! Yay for undying love and happiness with one another. I will be back with plenty of fun pictures to represent a successful weekend!

Congratulations John & Elya Whitten! :)

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