Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cruise, cruise, cruise your boat...

I'm about to officially book our cruise for when Chad finally returns. Just a couple more clicks & it'll be a done deal! YAY! I love traveling! Check out the Carnival Ecstasy if you wanna see more here!

Besides that, the only other new news I know about is that my in-laws are picking themselves up out of Orlando & moving back to Myrtle Beach in the next couple of days. My father-in-law works for a timeshare company as a salesperson trainer & is transferring himself back to the Carolinas. My mother-in-law worked for the same company, BlueGreen Resorts, and is also transferring. This came as quite a shocker to us, as we thought they'd be in Orlando for a couple more years, at least. It's fine with us though cuz now they are only 2 1/2 hours away from us in NC. There's going to be a lot more family fun to be had now! It sure makes Thanksgiving & Christmas shorter trips too! Although we will miss visiting them in the city where childhood dreams come to life! haha.

Other than that, I'm just happy I'm not having to go back to school right now; while everyone else does. It seems that some people drag out their college experience and make it last WAYYY too long, but I'm personally glad I'm outta there! Four years, in and out. That's how I like it! haha. Anyways, good luck to those of you who are still hanging in there! Never settle for less than your best! (I saw that on a poster once, haha). Adios for now!

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