Thursday, July 24, 2008

a slew of things...


*So You Think You Can Dance was fabuloso last night. There wasn't one dance that I didn't like. Go Chelsie & Will....they are my picks to win!
*The weekend is quickly approaching which is exciting because I'm going to float the Guadalupe river on Saturday with my girls. Mom, sissy Laura, sissy KK, & Nicole are all gonna tear it up long as the hurricane rains don't screw us up!
*I've been working a lot this week. Well, a lot being only 4 days for 4 hours at a time. HAHA. Don't judge me ;)!
*My hubby is still staying strong and as happy as he can over there. Optimism is the key to not killing yourself while you're overseas, hah. We're good...don't worry! Although his brand new laptop isn't working for God knows why & I'm slightly frustrated by that.
*I found some cute clothes at Ross yesterday and I'm happy with my purchases. Now I must go check out Target. Yay!
*The Reese's Minis are officially GONE! Thank goodness!
*I need to take my shower for the day. I think that's where I'm headed right now, so I'll be back later.
*A list of my current shows for anyone interested in chatting about any of them:
**Army Wives
**Design Star
**So You Think You Can Dance
**Shear Genius
**Project Runway
**America's Best Dance Crew
**Nashville Star (cheesy, but there's a dude from San Angelo on there in the top 4!)
I think that's pretty much it. I've enjoyed all of them so far. It's sometimes tough to find summer shows you like, but they've done a good job. Check em out!

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