Sunday, June 15, 2008

That's Why I Hang My Hat in Tennessee...for tonight, anyways :)...

My mom & I are currently hanging out watching movies in our Nashville hotel, waiting for the morning to roll around and the doors to one of the best malls I've ever seen to be opened at 10:00am. Full of outlet stores and beautiful architecture, it's exciting!

We watched the end of Ocean's Thirteen (you know, with the three hot musketeers-George, Matt, & Brad) and now we're watching Shrek the Third. What a way to put a 9 hour driving day to bed.

We went to a little, somewhat famous bar called Nashville Palace for dinner tonight. It was cool. About 6 different people went and played country music live on stage. They were all freakin' awesome. In just a 2 hours of sitting there, I heard more talent that on a whole season of American Idol, auditions included. Seriously, it's sad how these people can't catch a 'famous' break. Anyways, we enjoyed ourselves. Turns out there were a couple other Texans right next to us at a neighboring table. Somehow, I knew it just by looking. And then I overheard them saying they were from Austin. It's weird how we are all like a home away from home, in a way.

Well, I bid you goodnight because I drove all 9 hours today and I'm pooped. Wish me shopping luck for tomorrow! :)

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