Monday, June 9, 2008

Fam to Pull You Through...

Well, the hubby is off and currently in New Foundland, Canada. One leg of four out of the way to get over there. He called me on his cell phone which makes me scared to see what that 'long distance' phone call on roam is gonna cost us! haha. I don't care because I know he's doing good. We're in good spirits, still in a small state of denial that this is really happening, but staying strong overall.

My family & I spent a good amount of time at our pool this afternoon, headed over to the Farmer's Market and bought some groceries for dinner. We then came home and started watching Evan Almighty as we got hit by a random thunderstorm. Coincidence, I think not ;)!

Tomorrow I plan to take them downtown to see some of the cute shops and restaurants, maybe swim again, and eat at a Japanese steakhouse called Miyabi. It's de-lish! Gotta go check on my chicken fajitas. Adios for now!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! I really wish I had a pool! Have fun tomorrow!