Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Weekends for Fun!

Can you believe that only 30 minutes after my last post, I have even more to say? This is weird because usually I'm suffering from writer's block.

Well, I thought I'd share with you our plans for the next 5 or so weekends. It's very unusual that we have such a pre-planned succession of events, but here it goes:
*May 10-11th: Chad's parents from Orlando and brother from Columbia are coming to stay with us on their way to a visit to Washington D.C. They haven't ever visited since I've been here, so it will be fun! We're sure to break out some Spades while they're here! :)
*May17-18th: We hopefully will be able to make our way down to Georgia to see the Webbs??(Cassandra, are you going to be there?) and Dom again. Pat Green is playing a concert down there and the Braves are playing a game that weekend too. It's going to be a potentially great weekend, if everything works out and despite the almost $4 gas prices!
*May 24-25th: A trip planned to see Barbara, Chad's grandmother, in Concord. We like to go and see her any chance we get. She makes fabulous biscuits too! :) MMMM...fat kid's delight!
*May 31st: We help Cathy, Chad's sister, move into a new place down in Myrtle Beach. This is an exciting move for her so we're glad to help out!
June 6-12: My family is coming to visit!! YAY! We're so excited to see them and to have them come to us! My sister and little niece Taylor, along with my parents, are all meeting us at the beach and then we will spend some more time here at our place. It'll be their first trip to the east coast beaches. GOOD STUFF! :)

Well, that's about as far as I can look forward. Looks like any hope for a weekend to ourselves is out of the question for several weeks. We love the company though and especially love the family time! Oh yea, and we decided to meet Dom at a popular pizza place across town instead of cooking...Whew! I was NOT looking forward to tossing something together tonight. Off to dinner we go! :)


cassandrasaganwebb. said...

Yes, that is the plan! We'll be at Dobbins next weekend! :) How exciting!!

Emily said...

I always love having plans for weekends to come! It gives you something to look forward to! I saw your mom today and she mentioned that she was going to see yall! She sure did sound excited! Enjoy your fun!!

Anonymous said...

my my, what a busy teddy you are! yes, i'm glad i jumped on the blog bandwagon...however it took me a while to find a template that worked. hope to talk to ya soon when you aren't so biz-A...luv ya