Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fender bender...grrr.

Well, as I'm reading every one else's posts, I realize that this week has just been a horrendous week for driving and messing up cars. Unfortunately, I have a story to add to the bunch.

Chad walked outside to leave work Friday evening only to see the Colonel and one of our friends out in the middle of the parking lot admiring what had just happened. The friend, who drives a large Dodge Ram Crew Cab, was pulling out of his space right next to our car. He cut the angle a little too sharp and his wheel grabbed onto the front of our bumper on the Grand Am and pulled it back a bit. It looks like someone just hit the left front of our car at about 15 mph. It's not a lot of damage, but its enough to get USAA on it and to have to get a rental car this next week. Sorry there aren't any photos yet. Chad has the car today :).

Good thing is we don't have to pay for anything. Another good thing is that when we bought the car in San Angelo, we failed to notice that there wasn't a light cover (the plastic part that the light shines through) on our left fog light. This made us slightly frustrated when we got all the way to NC and realized we had been jipped. Anyways, we definitely stand to get a free fog light cover and maybe our blinker clicker fixed too. Wait, have I ever told you about the blinker?? I don't think I have. Well, here's that story.

So, we bought the Grand Am used from a dealership in my home town. We run into several problems with it on our long trek home from TX to NC, by way of FL. One of the most annoying things was the blinker. I call this blinker "possessed" and this is why...

Chad & I were getting tired one night and ready to pull over, find a hotel, and call it a night. We had driven 8 hours that day and all we wanted was a nice dinner and a not-too-expensive, clean hotel. So, we ate at The Macaroni Grill and headed out to find a hotel. It's about 9:30 at night, mind you. We were doing fine until we stopped at the first hotel and it was going to be $129 a night (plus tax of course, because they always 'plus tax' you). On to the next we go. There we found $175 a night. No thank you Marriott! Then, the blinker began. On a random street and in addition to our slight frustrations already, the blinker starts clicking in the middle of our dashboard (what sounds like right behind our radio). No big deal, you may be thinking, but I haven't yet mentioned that he nevered turned the blinker on! It's just going ', click, click...clickety..." FOR NO REASON. At this point, my husband is NOT doing so well. He is so frustrated it's becoming rather funny to me. It was as if the blinker was mocking us for not being able to find a hotel, knowing we were stuck in the car with it.

So, I'm finding this situation frustrating too, but now it's actually becoming rather funny. I start giggling to myself as we continue driving and Chad hits the dash so forceably. "STOP CLICKING"....I'm not even using the blinker!!!! I start laughing now...this is hilarious. We are so beyond delirious and just want a hotel. So, we pull into another one and low and behold, "No Vacancy". Seriously?! I better get my hubby out of this car before he drives it purposely into the nearest pole. haha. So, we find nothing better than the first hotel we tried so we headed back that way. I'm still laughing so hard that I begin to cry. Chad doesn't find it quite so funny until later on that night when our hotel was chosen and we were no longer stuck in the taunting car. All that night we laughed about the blinker, only hoping that for goodness sake, it wouldn't still be possessed the next day. Well, we've had no such luck. Clicky-clickerton doesn't want to stop. That's why we hope to get it fixed too out of this unfortunate fender bender.

Well, anyways, if anything interesting happens out of this car trouble/fixing coming up, I'll keep you posted! :)

Blake's truck being totaled, Cassandra's tire exploding, and our car getting smashed in...Let's make next week a little less troublesome, huh? Glad everyone is okay though! God bless & careful driving.


cassandrasaganwebb. said...

Oy. How frustrating!! I take comfort in knowing I wasn't the only one with car trouble this week, though. I hope everything gets fixed soon!

Chelsey's Chatter said...

man..I'm staying away from all of ya'll! ;0) Oh and I LOVE the new layout!