Thursday, May 22, 2008

The End & the Beginning...

Well, the finales of two of my favorite spring shows have come to an end. Dancing with the Stars had a great season with a very deserving winner taking the coveted mirror ball trophy. Kristi Yamaguchi took the championship and she was fabulous. I knew from day 1 she would be the winner. And there were some really good looking men this season which wasn't too tough to sit through ;) either! Way to go North Carolinian, Kristi!

Also, American Idol was good. Chad & I were one of those lovely and unlucky couples that let our DVR do the work and we started watching it pretty much after the whole thing was already over. Only to have the very end come along (2 hours later) to hear, "And the winner of American Idol 2008 is....David _____". Then the screen popped up with 'save', 'delete', 'play again'. Appreciate that American Idol. You should have seen mine and Chad's faces. We looked at each other in shock that that really just happened. So, we gave my mom a call to find out who the lucky winner was. I was happy with either one. We all know both of them are going to come out of this thing with record deals so, does it really matter who WINS? Probably not. Way to go anyways David Cook. Congrats.

Those were the 'ends', now onto the 'beginning' of our long weekend!

Chad & I are soon to be on the road towards Columbia, SC again to hang out with Chris and spend our extra few weekend days somewhere cool before Chad has to deploy. Tomorrow we are going to go to Concord, NC to visit Miss Barbara, Chad's grandma. We should have a good time there. She loves making good ole down home food for us, so homecooking, here we come! We have Friday and Monday off for Memorial Day so, yay for days off! I'll be back to post pics and fun times in a couple of days.

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Put out your flags and support our men & women!

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