Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Let's talk about Showbiz...

Wow, I have just realized how many shows I have going on right now. Even though Chad and I have a DVR, last night was a very challenging night of television. 5 1/2 hours of great tv, all in one night! We had a little overlap in timing that slightly overloaded our system. I love Tuesday nights! American Idol, The Biggest Loser:Couples, & Dancing with the Stars = A Good Night!

We'll start off by saying AI could have been better because I feel that the singers could have picked better songs to sing...I mean, COME ON! It's the freakin' Beatles we're talking about here. They have to have at least 60 or 70 songs or so to choose from! David Archuleta was a sweety as usual, David Cook did well (minus the weird noise box), Michael Johns did better than they said, & Ramiele wasn't as bad as they thought either. I am really starting to like Brooke White a whole lot. Last night wasn't so great and she's really awkward in her movement, but she's just a normal, talented chick that can sing & engage the audience. Lets hope next week will be even better.

The Biggest Loser: Couples was good last night. I missed the last two weeks which has driven me nuts and now I'm super-confused on why Aly and Mark have returned. Why were they so special that they get a second chance?! If you know, please fill me in! It was probably about time for Maggie to go, but Brittany sure is getting close every week! I think that in the end, Dan or Mark is going to win. They just look phenomenal! The makeovers were amazing & I love Tim Gunn from Project Runway so that was fun!

Dancing with the Stars has come out with some killer people this season! The one that really blew my socks off, along with the judges last night, was Kristi Yamaguchi! She already looks like a professional! I'm a little scared that her being so good at the start will hurt her with the votes. It happened last year with Sabrina from The Cheetah Girls and was a shocker to all who watched to see her get kicked off so early. She was amazing too, I just hope America pulls Kristi through to the end! I can't wait til next Tuesday! :)

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Blake & Shaunna said...

I am the same way! My DVR is getting filled up with shows really quickly these days! "The Hills" is set to debut it's new season soon, so I will be adding yet another one to the already long "Record New Episodes" list...hehe:)