Monday, March 17, 2008

Bubble fun...

Chad & I just so happened to be in Texas during my niece Taylor's 8th birthday party. She had about 7 or 8 little girls come over for her High School Musical-themed party. They were busy playing and singing karaoke to the soundtrack, then finished off the party playing the dvd High School Musical game. Crazy what these kids have to play with these days. I remember having jump ropes and a swing set, haha.

Anyways, right before the party kicked off, my sister remembered they didn't have any candles for the cake and dun-da-da-dun...Uncle Chad to the rescue! He made a quick trip to the Dollar Tree nearby and returned with not only 8 candles, but 96 candles(?) (enough for every birthday in the family for the whole year I guess?...kind of confused on why they would have so many in one box...anyways (?)) He also had a great Uncle moment while he was there and got an economy size bubble jug with a couple of the big bubble wands. You know, the ones that make like 50 bubbles every time you blow or wave them. It just so happened to be a slightly windy day which made the bubble wands even easier. It was bubble-mania outside! The girls loved it. He definitely got some super-uncle plus points for that one!

Okay, I'll be honest, we all had lots of fun with them. Bubbles are something that brings the kid out in everyone. Here's a few pics of the fun. Yay for pockets of air trapped in a thin layer of soap!
Taylor & her friend Ashley being kids... Chad & Kelly being kids too....

They had a way cooler picture than we did, but just as much fun I think!

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