Monday, February 4, 2008


I worked out today, all by myself! YAY! And I feel good about it. I'm glad I forced myself to the gym and I'm glad the chick at the desk of ASU's CHP didn't kick me out for not being enrolled. Haha. I think she let me slip through because she knows it really doesn't matter, lol. Thank you nice lady! :)

This weekend is my sister-in-law KK's 25th birthday party, and as always, we're going BIG! This time it's a Red Carpet Celebrity-inspired party theme so everyone can dress up and be glamorous, or in character, whatever they want. I got this really cute and sexy black dress that I'm going to wear, I just need some suggestions on who to be. My short hair is kind of deterring me and throwing me a slight curveball. I would prefer not have to wear a wig. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to suggest, haha. I'm considering being the host of the night with a microphone asking everyone questions...I just have to figure out which anchor from which station. Do I even slightly resemble anybody famous that you can think of? HELP! :) (That's us in the pic :))

I love the Chick-fil-A calendars this year (random thought, but I just looked down at mine that I added birthdays into the other day). If you haven't seen one, their marketing theme was "One-Hit Wonder Cows" so they have each month as a new band of cow-musicians. It's super cute. I got one, comliments to my brother for being manager there, and I now get to reap the benefits of the food coupons located conveniently at the bottom of each month. YAY for chicken! Chad will be so happy. Saving money and getting to love him some Chick-fil-A when he gets back! 16 days and counting...:)

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