Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Whew! It sure cooled off here in SA-town today. The wind chill for pretty much the whole day was 22 degrees. Intense wintery weather for a little Texas girl! Don't worry, I wasn't stupid enough to go out and run in it again...I still remember too clearly how painfully stupid that was. At least I learn from my stupid mistakes, right?!

Well, based on the forecast delivered from our terribly inaccurate San Angelo meteorologists, the next two days are supposed to be just as gloomy, with drizzle, freezing temperatures, and possibly snow, as today was...but don't get your hopes up...it is San Angelo we are talking about. Snow only comes when they say it won't, haha. I must bundle up for tomorrow! Now I'm headed off to my gloriously warm and comfortable bed. I bid you a good night.

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