Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bullets 'O Fun!

I'm lazy when it comes to this thing, so if there's anybody out there still even considering reading this post because I finally wrote another one since 6 weeks ago, I'd love to know it. It feels weird to 'write for no one' but myself. So if you feel like it, please leave a comment so I know what I write isn't just echoing off of a distant canyon. Thanks!
Here are some bullets to catch you up:
*We had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Chad had been gone for a whole week prior so he was rewarded with a day off & it conveniently landed on V-day...awesome! We had pink heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast, ate a yummy lunch at Bonsai, went to swing at the park as the sun was setting, opened our gifts to each other, grabbed a pizza on the way home & made mini-pink cupcakes while reading K's favorite book, Pinkalicious! It was a fun-filled day in which I received a multi-colored bouquet of roses, my favorite Raspberry candies, & chocolate. I got Chad an electric sander to add to his tool collection and we collectively got Kennady a couple of Pinkalicious reading books, a puzzle, a new Leap Frog movie for the car & her favorite, M&M's. We topped off our night with a couple of episodes of our faves and a good night's sleep. I hope everyone else had a Happy V-Day too!
*Kennady is 3 full days into being such a BIG GIRL when it comes to the potty. She hasn't tee-teed in a diaper (except for one at nap time and one at nighttime) AT ALL during the day. It all of a sudden hit her that she loves wearing panties and that taking the time to sit on the potty and get her business done isn't all that bad. She does get rewarded with a mini-candy every time she's successful, but hey...don't judge me, it's working and that's all that this mama really cares about at this point! :) We are so proud of her. We were in Kohl's the other day where they have a super cute mini-potty in the 'family' bathroom and we can officially mark that down as our first ever successful tee-tee in public! Again today, she used the BIG potty at Wing Stop & I was ecstatic! So.Big. & I love her.
*It's official. The movie "The Letter Factory" by Leap Frog is the bomb-diggity. It has (along with mucho repetition from her mommy) almost single-handedly taught my 2 year old every letter of the alphabet, both how to identify them & their phonetic sound. It's awesome & she is so smart. I have to get it all on video soon so we can prove to her one day that she was not just a singing star but SO SMART! :)
*We have plans to go to San Angelo for the annual stock show and rodeo here in a couple of weekends & I'm super excited. It's a tradition of my family & it's always fun to go out to the fairgrounds to smell the undisguisable FRIED everything. Kinda disgusting, but yummy all the same. Kennady had such a good time at the carnival last time it came to Abilene that I am looking forward to a similar experience on the rides and such. Should be fun!
*We have been enjoying the hot tub a lot this winter season. Since it hasn't been frigid like last winter, it's been really nice to get in (including Kennady) & swim around. Nothing beats a hot water massage every now and again. K's in heaven getting to swim year round! Spoiled...;-)
*We are involved with an awesome small group through the church that we've really enjoyed for the past year. It's a group of other 'newly married' couples (though we're 4 1/2 years into this thing so I'm not real sure we should still qualify, ha) & we have a great time with them. Next week we are going to begin exploring (re-exploring for Chad & I) the financial peace studies of Dave Ramsey. It'll be fun to do the material in a group & to see other people's strategies & methods. Not to mention getting the refresher on money-management that both Chad & I are in desperate need of right now. We just have sooo many wants & travel desires, haha. Trouble...;-)
*I am about to go buck wild on a new fitness regimen. I haven't completely figured out my whole strategy, but I've been self-sabotaging myself with bad-for-me foods & a really high intake of sugar this past 4 months or so & I'm tired of it. I have a weight-loss/tone-up goal that I'm REALLY determined to make happen by Mid-May, so it's about that time to START MY ENGINES!! :-) It's about to happen, ya'll.
*It's Tax season...yay.
*Chad is scheduled to deploy in about 3 weeks, give or take. We got really lucky this time around and he's only going halftime. Thank God it came down that way. It's our 6th round of deployments together, not including all of the time we've spent apart for schools & upgrades, so it's a huge blessing to only have to miss him half as much this time. It's going to be a whole new deployment situation now that Kennady is old enough to realize something is up & will no doubt, ask about him Every.Single.Day. I'll just have to rack my brain to keep us both busy & hopefully the time will fly by with fun!
* We officially have tickets to visit my family in Alaska this summer & we are sooooo stoked!! We have wanted to go up there since we got married, but Chad has been gone for the past 4 summers (which is the only sane time to go up there), so we're making it happen NOW! The timing works out perfectly for us to be able to attend my cousin Amanda's wedding! We are so excited and happy for her...PLUS, Kennady is going to be the flower girl too! It's going to be

Well, I think that's it for now. Consider yourself filled in. ;-)
P.S. Is there anybody out there? ha.

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